Our Top 5 Tips To Glowy Skin This Hamattan

We know our very own fake winter in this part of the world is here for just a few weeks! – Harmattan!

The weather gets a bit chilly in the mornings, it comes with annoying colds and sore throats , dusty furniture and ashy feet and knees but your skin doesn’t have to suffer. It’s the festive season and the only way to go is GLOW!

We’re giving you the best tips that work like magic to stay gorgeous this harmattan and also the best product recommendations by “Proudly Nigerian” brands.

Tip 1   Drink water:  Do we even need to say anything more about this tip. Stay hydrated from the inside out. Drinking at least 2Liters of Water helps you detox on the daily. Not only will you have amazing skin but also you will feel healthier

These 2Liter water bottles from @aspiringfitfam keep you accountable on your daily water intake, they retail for just 4,000 NGN    

Tip 2  Add some oil to your bath water: We know itsounds weird but it really does help to lock in moisture. This awesome bathtime ritual leaves your skin feeling so yummy and moisturized straight outta the shower. Our Picks:

Neutrogena Lightweight Body Oil. This oil was actually made to be used in the shower.  

Shea Tribe Lemongrass oil OR Lavender and Chamomile Oil  

Tip 3 Stay away from hot showers: we know hot showers feel good on a cold morning but they actually dry out your skin the most. How about try a good mix of lukewarm water instead. Thank us Later.

Tip 4  Apply Body oil while body is still damp: This is the season to make body oils your best friend because, you dare not be caught with ashy feet, elbows and knees please! Once you are out of the shower,we recommend you pat the body down a bit with a towel, leave the skin a bit DAMP,and go in with your body oil of choice. This will leave your skin silky smooth and also helps your skin to retain maximum moisture for longer periods throughout your day.

R&R Luxury Shea Oil is just perfect for an all over body oil this season. The Lemongrass scent gives a nice soothing feel on the skin. Retails for 2,500 NGN  

Arami Glow Oil is also an amazing all round body oil to keep the skin looking healthy and glowy all day long. Retails for 2,500 NGN  
R&R Luxury Baobab Oil is an excellent natural skin moisturizer, which absorbs quickly. This makes a great face moisturizer to incorporate into your day and night routine.
Retails for 1,900 NGN

Tip 5 Lip balm: Keep yourlips moisturized at all times and kissable 24/7  #saynotoashylips ! just no! get you a handy lip balm round the clock

R&R Luxury Lip Butter. Retails at 750 NGN  

Bonus: If you will be wearing makeup, please, you can ditch the excess mattifying primer this month. A good moisturizer is all you need in this season. And your makeup will look and feel just right.

Embryolisse Lait Creme is a fave with makeup artists because it serves as both a good moisturizer and primer 
The Mario Badescu Rose Spray this hydrating spray  is all you need to keep your face looking well hydrated all day.

To Shop all  these products and more, follow this link https://beautyonthegolive.com/product-category/shop-the-look/

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